A Multi-Purpose Discord Bot

Increase server engagement by 10x.

💰 Economy

A fully integrated currency system

Reward users with a custom currency for chatting, reacting, doing quests, engaging on twitter and more.

đŸĻ Banking System

Incentivize Holders and special roles

The banking system allows users to withdraw cash from bank after paying taxes based on roles.

🛍ī¸ Shop

An easy to use storefront UI

Buy various items from the store without the use of commands using an easy to navigate UI.

🎟ī¸ Raffles

Run raffles directly on discord

An easy to use raffle UI allows seemless experience within your discord server.

📜 Quests

Allows users to participate in quests

Semi-automated screenshot submission system allowing full customization for various tasks.

đŸĻ Twitter Raiding

Raid tweets directly through discord

Like, Comment, Retweet and Follow through the integrated twitter raiding system.

🕹ī¸ Games/Looting

Frequently added fun games

PvP Looting game, coinflip, slots and more.

🔐 Security

Various security features

Secure your server with an easy to use yet secure verification system.

🏖ī¸ Extra Features

Requested by clients

Wallet Collector, Embed creator, Auto Role Claiming, Logs, etc.
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